Air Conditioner Repairs in Greenville, SC

If your air conditioning unit didn't seem to be performing well last season, get a checkup from Hawkins Heating & Air. You'll get punctual service for your home or business in Greenville, SC, and we'll thoroughly evaluate your system for wear and tear before writing an estimate for air conditioner repairs.

Save Money and Stay Comfortable

Our preventative maintenance will include high-quality work that heads off serious breakdowns. We'll check the belts, compressor, fan, coolant, and thermostat, and we'll correct failing parts and clean debris out of the fan unit so that it can run smoothly. Greater efficiency will lead to cooler air at a lower cost.

Emergency Repairs

When your AC stops working on a hot day, we'll schedule a repair crew as soon as possible. We have the tools and ladders to access units on the ground, in windows, and on roofs. Our technicians are experienced with all makes and models. We'll quickly determine the source of the problem and develop a plan for getting the cool air flowing again.

Hawkins Heating & Air works throughout the Greater Greenville region. When you need air conditioner repairs, we'll supply courteous service and technical expertise. Call us today.